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Oil & Gas

Deregulation is putting overwhelming pressure on the oil and gas sector to cut costs and find new growth opportunities, and companies are trying all kinds of strategies to do so: vertical integration, network operation, and energy trading. But opportunities to grow and to profit persist.

Index Consulting’s assistance to the oil and gas sector is premised on the belief that, properly managed, the development and use of oil and gas can provide substantial benefits to the nation and its environs. Strategies for assistance to the sector are based on the approach that in the long run the private sector should finance, own, and manage most oil and gas activities, while governments should concentrate on protecting the public interest.

Major oil and gas resources are currently unexploited in developing or emerging economies, due to lack of access to viable commercial markets. In general terms, Index focuses on business definition, the value of leadership, profit pool economics, cost reduction, competitive positioning, technology dynamics, and industry studies.

Some of Our Experience:

  • » Reaching for the Top in a Highly Regulated Industry
  • » Transfer of Management Control of a National Oil Pipeline System
  • » Regional Energy Demand Study for a Global Oil/Gas Company
  • » Optimization of National Pipeline Operations
  • » Integrated Human Capital Management Consulting Assistance to a gas distribution firm