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Nigeria is obviously the largest market in sub Saharan Africa with reasonably skilled and potential manpower for the efficient and effective management of investment projects within the country. Nigeria's economy could be aptly described as most promising. It is a mixed economy and accommodates all corners, individuals, corporate organizations and government agencies, to invest in almost all range of economic activities.

Since 1995, the Government has introduced some bold economic measures, which have had a salutary effect on the economy by halting the declining growth in the productive sectors and putting a stop to galloping inflation. They have reduced the debt burden, stabilized the exchange rate of the Naira and corrected the balance of payments disequilibrium. Government has also put in place some fiscal measures, which addressed the exchange rate regime and the capital flight issue, which hitherto inhibited project planning and execution. The policy of expanded production through guided deregulation paid off in 1996 when the economy recorded a real growth of 3.2% of GDP.The rate of inflation declined appreciably from the high seventies to the low twenties.

Index Consulting through its Economic and Development Planning services have consistently assistant government both at the national and state level to formulate and implement master plans that will help promote national economic, social, cultural and political growth and development

Some of Our Experience:

  • » Transfer of Management Control of a National Oil Pipeline System
  • » Optimization of National Pipeline Operations
  • » Managing the Construction and Commissioning of a 0.3MT/yr Steel Rolling Mill
  • » Development of a multi sector master plan for a State
  • » Development of a regional master plan for the development of Large and Medium scale enterprises in the Region